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ExitATimeshare.com offers you a unique way to exit your timeshare. If you’re frustrated and your timeshare has become a burden, we can help. We work with customers every day who either don’t use their timeshare, or simply can’t afford it anymore. Why pay for a product you aren’t using? Our exit strategy is designed to transition ownership out of your name and back to the resort, making you free and clear of all future obligations and cost. You will never have to pay another maintenance fee or special assessment fee again!

Our founders have over a decade of experience in the timeshare industry. They created ExitATimeshare.com to spread the word that there is a way to exit a timeshare. If you have been unsuccessful in selling or renting out your vacation property, it is time to let ExitATimeshare.com work for you! Don’t let the resorts drain your finances any longer. We are dedicated to helping distressed owners exit their contracts. So, if you aren’t using your timeshare, and it is has become a financial burden, we have information that will guide you out of your ownership.

Take advantage of our free consultation. Just fill out the registration form on the screen. One of our representatives will answer your questions and explain the options and the tools available to you. Many of our clients purchased their timeshare at high-pressure sales presentations where vacation packages were said to be an investment. ExitATimeshare.com is designed to protect your rights as a consumer.  We can offer you an innovative service that provides you with a permanent solution to maintenance fees and taxes. You will no longer be a victim of increased assessment fees and membership costs. Take control of your timeshare. Each of our representatives are experts so, combined with our innovative exit program, you can count on ExitATimeshare.com to get results.

Timeshare Exit Strategy

When a timeshare company is eager to make a sale, they may offer all sorts of promises and conditions. They’ll tell a prospective buyer that the purchase is an investment that will increase in value over the years. These companies have also been known to tell buyers that their timeshare can be easily and freely sold back to the resort it was originally purchased from. It’s no surprise why many timeshare owners become infuriated when learning these statements weren’t necessarily truthful several years down the road.

Timeshare developers remind owners that they must continue to make maintenance payments in perpetuity, even long after the excitement of vacationing in that locale has begun to pall. They’ll call the sales contract binding, and while all this is true, there are often alternative ways to exit a timeshare. This is where ExitaTimeshare.com comes in.

Getting Professional Assistance

If you are looking for a timeshare exit strategy, then you’re going to need professional assistance. Timeshare companies are known for digging in their heels and resisting all efforts of owners to transition out of a timeshare. Of course, it’s in their best interest not to lose the ongoing maintenance fees and other expenses that are paid by the timeshare owner. However, this does not mean that you can’t free yourself from your timeshare obligations.

At ExitaTimeshare.com we’ve developed pathways to timeshare developers that aren’t available to the public. These pathways give us the opportunity to help timeshare owners leave their timeshare behind. With this method of timeshare exiting you won’t receive any compensation for your timeshare, but you will stop your maintenance fees forever. Another timeshare exit strategy involves selling your timeshare on the secondary resale market. This is something ExitaTimeshare.com can help with as well. Through our affiliation with several resale outlets, we can help you advertise your timeshare for sale by owner on a network of websites receiving over one million visitors per year. With this method of timeshare exiting you can put a little extra money in your pocket instead of just handing your timeshare over outright.

Exit Your Timeshare Today!

It may seem like you have relatively few options when it comes to a timeshare exit strategy, but don’t be discouraged. The reality is that you can exit a timeshare with the help of an experienced company like ExitaTimeshare.com. It requires skilled negotiation and exceptional knowledge of the timeshare industry, but we can get results for you. Our expertise has enabled us to help many owners out of their timeshare responsibilities. Compared to the ever-increasing cost of maintenance fees and other timeshare expenses, our services are a no-brainer. Plus, you’ll be able to move forward by choosing an entirely different way to vacation in the future.

Timeshare companies like to play hardball when it comes to exiting timeshares. They’ll tell you that it can’t be done. However, our knowledge and experience says otherwise. With our assistance, countless timeshare owners have been able to exit their timeshare with little expense and even less stress. That’s what happens when you work with experts who truly understand the timeshare industry. Get started today by filling out the form on this page or calling 877-624-6884.

Timeshare Exit Services

If you are like most people who have a timeshare, then you probably think that it involves an ironclad contract and that you can’t possibly transition out of your ownership. The reality is that there are ways in which you can effectively and inexpensively exit a timeshare. However, it’s unlikely that you can do so without assistance.

Initially, most timeshares sound like an excellent deal. They are, for the most part, especially if purchased on the secondary resale market. Nonetheless, families change, and so do their vacationing needs. This may lead you to look for a way to exit your timeshare. Most companies that sell timeshares will be quick to tell you that you can’t exit or sell your timeshare, at least not rapidly and easily.

Timeshare Exit Services from ExitaTimeshare.com

It’s our job to facilitate timeshare exits with resort developers. While you may not receive compensation for your timeshare, depending on the details of your ownership, you will be fully relieved of your responsibility to pay maintenance fees, dues or mortgage payments.

Reviewing your timeshare ownership details is an important first step, and we can help you navigate it. Our timeshare exit service professionals are particularly skilled when it comes to working with resort developers to help you transition out of your ownership.

If the idea of a timeshare exit appeals to you, then it’s important that you work with experienced professionals. The reason is that we have access to resources that simply aren’t available to the public which allows us to negotiate a timeshare exit for you even if you cannot do so yourself. Whether you’ve hit a brick wall or are just starting to think about exiting your timeshare, it’s critical that you contact us at 877-624-6884.

Timeshare Exit For Sale By Owner

Some timeshare owners no longer want the property they own, but they don’t like the idea of not receiving compensation when they exit their timeshare. For these owners, a “sale by owner” process may make the most sense. Once again, we are prepared to help owners with timeshare exit services that involve a sale as well.  With our connections in the industry, we are well equipped to help you sell or exit your timeshare.

Timeshares represent a wonderful vacation opportunity for families of all sizes. Nonetheless, it is sometimes necessary to exit a timeshare to relieve a financial burden or to vacation in an entirely different way. If you have a timeshare that you no longer want, then it’s time to seek timeshare exit services. You can save time, money and stress when you let someone else do the work. Get started today by filling out the form on this page or calling 877-624-6884.

Timeshare Exit Scams to Avoid

A variety of reasons may compel you to find a way to exit your timeshare. Maybe you inherited a timeshare from a relative or you find you just don’t have time to plan vacations. Whatever the reason, make sure to consider several important factors so you can avoid some of the most common timeshare exit scams around today.

Years In Business

One consideration when trying to exit your timeshare is to evaluate the amount of time a company has been in business. Often, companies will enter the timeshare market, scam people out of thousands of dollars, and then get shut down. Sometimes these companies just open again under a new name and do it all over again. So, before considering a timeshare company to use to exit your ownership – make sure the business has been around for several years and hasn’t changed names on a regular basis. When you work with ExitaTimeshare.com, you’ll be working with a company that has been in business since 2000.

Timeshare Exit Cost Transparency

A second factor to consider when trying to avoid a timeshare exit scam is the company’s transparency with its fees. If the deal sounds like it is too good to be true – it probably is a scam. The exit company should let you know in advance how much it will cost to exit your timeshare and how much money you will need to pay before services are rendered. Trustworthy companies will be willing to discuss all the fees and details before asking you to sign anything or pay money out of pocket. If the exit company seems to be secretive about their services or unwilling to put details in writing, you need to find another way to exit your timeshare.

Customer Service

Customer service, or lack thereof, should also be heavily scrutinized before choosing a company. If the company does not respond to your emails, phone calls or voicemail messages, it can be a clear indicator that the company is a scam. Smaller companies may not have a large customer service team, but that’s no excuse to let your questions go unanswered for more than 1-2 days.

Calls Out of the Blue

Receiving a call out of the blue from someone looking to help you exit your timeshare is a great way to determine if something is a scam or not. If you didn’t inquire about exiting your timeshare, you shouldn’t be receiving calls to do so. It’s as simple as that.

Buyer Waiting

If someone tells you they have a buyer waiting to purchase your timeshare, it is most likely a scam. Typically, the fraudster will tell you they have a buyer waiting and all you need to do is send them some money to cover the closing costs and taxes. Once you send them the money they will disappear and you will still have your timeshare. This timeshare exit scam has been around for a very long time.

Being Careful

Lastly, if a company tells you they can help you exit your timeshare and you can stop paying your maintenance fees until the process is completed – you need to be careful. After the company receives your money, they may not follow through with the deal and you will quickly find yourself in trouble with creditors because you still own the timeshare property, but the maintenance and other fees have not been paid. No one wants to be a victim of a timeshare exit scam, but these things can happen. To stay on the safe side, why not use a company like ExitaTimeshare.com? We have 17 years of experience, hundreds of happy customers and a full-time customer service team available to answer any of your questions. Get started today by filling out the form on this page or calling 877-624-6884.

Timeshare Exit Plan

Buying a timeshare can be a great way to vacation, but you may get sick of paying the yearly maintenance fees at some point. If you are looking to develop a timeshare exit plan to transition out of your ownership, you do have a few different options available to you.

Why Sell or Exit your timeshare?

When you bought your timeshare, you probably imagined yourself coming back every year and having as much fun as you did in the very beginning. And you may have done that very successfully over the years. However, as life circumstances change, you may find that you just don’t have the time to return. Some people buy a timeshare for family vacations but no longer need it once the kids have grown. Others purchase properties but then encounter financial stress that motivates their decision to sell. Lifestyle changes such as the death of a spouse or a serious medical problem may leave you looking at how to sell your timeshare.

Timeshare Exiting

If you’re just looking to exit your timeshare and just want to get out from under the maintenance fees, timeshare exiting through ExitaTimeshare.com is one of the best options you have available. The timeshare exit service of ExitaTimeshare.com helps you exit your timeshare and stop your maintenance fees forever without hiring a lawyer. This is made possible by the relationships we’ve built with resort developers over the past 17 years. Resorts don’t necessarily want the public to know every time they’re willing to work with companies such as ours because it could affect their brand image, so they’ll work through us privately to get their inventory back. Similar to how they work with companies such as Hotwire.com when they offer discounted rates. This allows the resorts to get back their inventory discreetly without affecting other owners. Even though you won’t get money like you would get in a private sale, you will be able to exit your ownership. This is a great timeshare exit plan, if you qualify, when you ever decide to exit your timeshare for any reason in the future.

Rent by Owner

Did you know that you can actually rent out your timeshare instead of selling it? All you need to do is find someone interested in vacationing at your resort and willing to pay you for your week. One of the easiest ways to do this is with the services of ExitaTimeshare.com’s network of websites. Our network of websites receives an average of one million visitors per year looking to buy and rent timeshare on the resale market.

They will be looking for deals when renting from an existing timeshare owner, so your price must be set lower than the resort directly. As the official owner, you’re still responsible for the maintenance fees and for any damages caused by your renters.

For Sale by Owner

If you’d like to get some cash for your timeshare, this is the timeshare exit plan for you. Advertising your timeshare for sale by owner on ExitaTimeshare’s network of websites is one of the best ways to let the world know you’re looking to sell. Through marketing agreements ExitaTimeshare.com has with affiliated resale programs, you can get your timeshare in front of those looking to purchase timeshare on the resale market.

When you decide to sell a timeshare, you should keep in mind that this process can take quite a bit of time. Until it sells, you’re still responsible for paying your yearly fee and any maintenance costs. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today by filling out the form on this page or calling 877-624-6884.

Timeshare Exit Attorneys & Lawyers

Timeshare ownership can be a fabulous way to vacation, but there comes a time when all owners look to exit their timeshare. Whether you’re looking to sell or just for a way to stop your maintenance fees, you may feel like you must speak with a timeshare exit lawyer to exit your ownership. This isn’t necessarily true though. ExitaTimeshare.com and its network of professionals can help timeshare owners exit their timeshare without involving expensive attorneys and court room fees. This is made possible through the relationships we’ve built with resort developers directly over the past 17 years in business. Rather than spending months fighting against the resorts, we work with them until both you and the resort developer are happy.

Exiting vs Selling vs. Renting

Consider whether you should sell, exit or rent your timeshare. Renting is a good option for those who want to keep but can’t visit their timeshare for one reason or another. Your renters will use your timeshare and pay you a price for your unit, which can usually be enough to pay your maintenance fees for the year. If you’re not interested in ever returning to your timeshare again though, selling or exiting are your best options.

Selling your timeshare gives you the chance to receive some cash for your timeshare. The new owner will be responsible for the yearly fee as well as any other costs. There is a chance that your timeshare won’t sell though, which is where exiting comes in. If you chose to exit your timeshare, you won’t receive any cash for it, but you will stop your maintenance fees forever. Here at ExitaTimeshare.com, we can assist you with any option you chose.

When Should You Sell or Exit Your Timeshare?

We believe that there is never really a bad time to try and either sell or exit your timeshare. If you aren’t interested in receiving anything in return for it and if you’d just like to stop your maintenance fees, contacting ExitaTimeshare.com to exit your timeshare is one of the smartest things you can do.

An Alternative to Timeshare Exit Attorneys & Lawyers

There is an alternative out there to timeshare exit attorneys and lawyers, and that alternative is us. Unless it is legally mandated by the state in which you or your resort is located, we highly discourage sellers from working with timeshare exit lawyers because those lawyers ask for large payments just to facilitate the sale, often doing work that a closing company can do as a less expensive alternative. If you are just looking to exit, our company can do everything you need but at a fraction of the price. With years of experience in the timeshare field, we know exactly what timeshare owners needs when attempting to rent, sell or exit their timeshare. Get started today by filling out the form on this page or calling 877-624-6884.