ExitATimeshare.com is designed to help timeshare owners exit their current ownership. If you are looking for a way to exit your timeshare that you don’t use or can’t afford, ExitATimeshare.com is your way out. Our aim is to educate timeshare owners and to guide them through our unique exit strategy. If you are looking for a solution to annual maintenance fees and increasing assessment fees, our team is ready to help.

We offer you results, not empty promises and sales gimmicks. Our services are designed to help timeshare owners exit their contracts without having to hire a lawyer. Let us help you make an educated decision with a free consultation. Just submit your information on the form provided to get started. We are here to take the burden off of your hands. Why pay for a luxury suite that you never use? Because of our direct relationships with resorts and developers, we can help you transition ownership out of your name back to the resort so you are free and clear from any future obligations.

Millions of consumers have been unable to exit their timeshare. Resorts typically don’t offer a take-back program to the public. This is where we come in. We’ve been in the timeshare industry for 17 years and have developed programs with resorts that aren’t available to the public. Whatever your reason, you will eventually look to exit your timeshare contract. Whether you inherited the timeshare, or were convinced by a resort salesman that it was an investment, our team is dedicated to helping you exit your timeshare ownership. Instead of paying a high commission to a broker, take control of your timeshare.

Our services are designed to help you exit your timeshare, not to give you false promises or sales gimmicks. ExitATimeshare.com works with affiliated closing companies and timeshare resorts to ensure the process is handled correctly and legally. We have teamed up with licensed agents that have years of experience in the industry. Just fill out the registration form on the screen to exit your timeshare. One of our representatives will answer your questions and explain the options and the tools available to you. So, if you have a timeshare that you can’t afford or simply don’t use, fill out the form on the screen and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

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